Rules of the Presbytery

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Table of Contents (uploaded 2 December 2021)

P1 Introduction (Approved 20 November 2021)

P2 Enactment Amendment and Repeal of Rules (Approved 20 November 2021)

P3 Membership of the Presbytery (Approved 20 November 2021)

P4 Officers of the Presbytery (Approved 20 November 2021)

P5 Presbytery Meetings (Approved 19 March 2022)

P6 Presbytery Standing Committee (Approved 20 March 2021)

P7 Election of Presbytery Bodies (Approved 19 March 2022)

P11 General Rules for Presbytery Body (Approved 19 March 2022)

P13 Candidates for Ministries Committee (Approved 18 March 2023)

Old rules still operative (for later revision)

P2.6 Church Centre Staff (Uploaded on 11 June 2018)

P3.2 Pastoral Relations Committee (Rev May 2019)

P3.5 Commission for Education for Discipleship and Leadership (Rev May 2019)

P4.6 Thrive Mission Committee (Rev May 2019)

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