Synod Meetings and Minutes

Between Synod meetings, the elected and ex-officio members of the Synod Standing Committee act on behalf of the Synod and deal with specific issues that come out of the Synod. The list of current Synod members is available from our ROLL OF SYNOD (V1.7 – updated 6 September 2023).

The 48th Annual Meeting of the Uniting Church Synod of Western Australia – 13 to 15 September 2024

Information about the 48th Annual Synod of WA will be available closer to the time.

Enquiries regarding the Annual Synod meeting can be directed to

Travel Claim Forms

Members are encouraged to carpool with other members from your region. Members are expected to meet their travel costs for the first 100kms of travel each way. For those travelling more than 100kms, a travel subsidy of 70c/km is available and an accommodation allowance of $100 per night is available for rural members.

A Travel Claim Form can be downloaded below.

Membership of Synod Commissions and Committees

For membership lists and nomination forms go to the Membership of Synod Commissions and Committees page.

Reports and Proposals

Meeting documents, reports and proposals will be available to download from mid-August 2024.

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