Pastoral Relations (PRC)

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the pastoral relations between ministry agents and congregations within the Presbytery.
  • Giving counsel on matters relating to pastoral relationships and responsibilities to ministry agents and congregations.
  • Dealing with congregational issues and complaints as set out in the Regulations on church discipline.
  • Providing appropriate pastoral support and accountability for ministry agents in active service who are not in approved placements and to those awaiting placement.
  • Determining the appointment of long term, short term, interim supply ministry and persons to preside at worship and preach in a congregation during times when there is no minister in placement.
  • Lay presidency of sacraments – permissions to conduct Holy Communion and the sacraments.
  • Chaplaincy in prisons and hospitals. All inquiries in relation to schools and church agencies are to be referred to the General Secretary.
  • Vitality and discernment of Congregations
  • Ministry placement issues relating to Long Service Leave, Annual Leave, retirement, the conclusion of placements, and payroll, etc.
  • Reviewing the list of ministry agents on a regular basis of those awaiting placement with a view to assisting them either to return to active service or to make other appropriate vocational decisions or suggesting to a Church Council that an invitation be extended to the ministry agent to become a Minister-in-Association.


Up to eight members are selected for the Committee annually. These people elected, after seeking advice from the committees, will be chosen to provide for a balance of age, gender, ethnicity, rural and urban, specialist knowledge and experience, and the need for the various specified ministries to be represented. Pastoral Relations Committee Membership appointed by Presbytery currently include:

  • The Chairperson – Rev Ivan Clark
  • The Secretary of Presbytery – Rev Dr David Ferguson
  • The Chair of Presbytery (ex-officio) – Alison Xamon
  • The Moderator (by invitation) – Susy Thomas
  • Presbytery Minister (Pastoral) (*staff) – Rev Chris Crause
  • Presbytery Support Administrator (*staff) – Amanda Badenhorst
  • Members elected by Presbytery – Rev Marie Wilson, Rev Sonny Rajamoney, Sue Strutt, Chris Bundell, Rev Luke Williams
  • Two co-opted members – vacant
  • Two members elected by Presbytery to represent PRC on the Placements Commission – Rev Ivan Clark

Meeting Dates in 2022

The Pastoral Relations Committee meet every third Tuesday of each month at 1.00pm (until further notice).

  • 18 January
  • 15 February
  • 15 March
  • 19 April
  • 17 May
  • 21 June
  • 19 July
  • 16 August
  • 20 September
  • 18 October
  • 15 November
  • 20 December


Special Services

For special services such as Ordinations, Inductions, Commissionings, etc, visit our Events or E-Newsletters page or contact Amanda Badenhorst, Presbytery Support Administrator, Uniting Church Centre on (08) 9260 9821 or contact the Presbytery Minister Pastoral.

Ministry Vacancies

Visit our Vacancy page for current Ministry vacancies. Vacancies are also listed in our Newsletter

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