Risk Management

The Uniting Church Risk and Insurance office (UCRI) adopts a three-line approach to defending against risk.

This involves the congregations, Uniting Church (WA) Centre staff, and any external, independent specialists needed to provide needed advice. 

Three Lines of Defence

First Line

Congregations own and manage risks to achieve our Mission and Purpose and as responsible users of properties

For instance, a Church Council notifies UCRI of a potential or actual legal action

Second Line

Church Centre staff will assist to undertake or coordinate second line measures

UCRI assesses the threat and could inform the Property Team if it is a building issue or people and culture if it is a staff/volunteer issue

Third Line

External independent specialists will provide advice for the assurance of our Governance Committees

The matter could be escalated to our insurers and their appointed lawyers to act on our behalf


  • This worksheet will help you identify the risks in the environment of your congregation or mission.
  • This document outlines the policy and approach to risk management in the Uniting Church.
  • This document looks at the risk management cycle and identifies ways we can care for one another by managing the risks in our environment.
  • This document addresses sexual abuse liability.
  • This document discusses cybersecurity risk and mitigation.
  • The purpose of the VWPA Policy is to afford cover to a Church member who is engaged in voluntary work authorized by – and under the control of – the Uniting Church in Australia (WA).

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