Professional Development

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Continuing Education for Ministry Agents

Professional supervision is mandatory for all ministry agents.

Phase Three

The first three years after ordination is called Phase Three and provides a range of support and the new minister consolidates their ministerial identity and develops new skills. This includes Professional supervision, a Presbytery-appointed mentor, and other meetings and retreats in their ongoing development.

Mentors are Uniting Church ministers with a minimum of three to five years of experience working in the type of context which parallels that of the new minister.

Phase Four

Formation in ministry is a lifelong journey. All ministers and ministry agents are encouraged to continue their discipleship with continuing education. To this end, we advertise various events via our e-magazine SEEDS . Every ministry agent is required to complete training in Safe Church and Ethical Ministry, and undertake regular pastoral supervision.

School of Ministry

CEDAL offers an annual School for Ministry, which seeks to provide ongoing theological and practical engagement for professional development and address major areas of growth and interest in ministry.

School of Ministry provides a strong basis for Continuing Education for Ministry Agents and those working in leadership in their congregations.

Lay preachers, lay presiders, church council members, and committee convenors are encouraged to attend.


Supervision is a safe, confidential relationship which provides regular opportunities to reflect on one’s ministry and relationships in a group supervision process. It seeks to enhance the quality of ministry by supporting, challenging, encouraging learning and self-knowledge, good use of resources and respect for boundaries. Supervision includes theological reflection as part of the ministry reflection process. It seeks to continue our formation process for hearing and responding to God’s call in ministry in a covenantal relationship with the supervisor/s.

Training in becoming a supervisor or updating your skills in being a supervisee is offered each year.

Ethical Ministry Workshops

Ministers are required to live and work within the discipline of the Uniting Church for continuing status as a minister in good standing. These workshops and reflections are offered up to twice a year by the Culture of Safety team:

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