The 44th Annual Meeting of the Synod of WA agreed by consensus to require reports and proposals to be accompanied by a plain English statement.  This requires the intent of the document to be written in plain English on the side of the full version of the document.

The language of reports and proposals can be difficult to read.  This may have excluded from the decision-making processes of the wider Church people whose English literacy is not at the same standard.

Having to include a plain English copy is a useful tool for report and proposal writers to help them focus on and clearly communicate the intent of their text.

Seeking a plain English version of all reports and proposals is not only for the benefit of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) members, but will also benefit people who have had restricted educational opportunities and disability.  Where the text of the document is complex, those without expertise in the field can use the plain English version to supplement their understanding.

To read the full proposal and rationale, visit

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