This year, Kids Camp Out (KCO) was postponed in March due to significantly lower registrations. Unfortunately, this was not unexpected as the number of campers have been noticeably declining over the past five years due to Uniting Church WA children growing up and being in high school, with some now being young adults.

KCO has been a Presbytery wide event for primary school aged children in the Uniting Church WA for around 40 years.

Its first inception was KUCA, you may remember its big blue bird mascot? Around 2010, KUCA morphed into Kids Camp Out. Over the years, KCO has become a more familyfriendly and intergenerational camp for congregations to join with Uniting Generations, and previously First Third Ministry, in an overnight camp at Advent Park in Maida Vale.

Not too long ago, attendance numbers were in the hundreds. There is still enthusiasm amongst some of the leaders involved in bringing groups to KCO each year, and from the children and families who have participated in previous years. They do not want to see KCO come to an end.

Janine McDonald, Uniting Generations Co-ordinator, said the team behind KCO are currently working out the best way forward.

“The next few months provide the perfect opportunity to rediscover the meaning and importance of KCO and determine if it is still a valuable ministry in the Presbytery of WA,” she said. “I have started talking with several leaders in congregations to hear their thoughts and dreams about what could be, and I am especially interested in hearing from leaders in Messy Church congregations and leaders in congregations with Girls’ Brigade associations etc, to determine if and how KCO, or some other Presbytery wide ministry might be valuable for them.”

Intergenerational ministry highlights the truth that all people are valuable and important members of the Body of Christ (Romans 12:4-5).

“Children and young people need relationships with adult members in the church so they can grow as involved faithful members,” Janine said. “Adults need relationships with the children and young people in the church so they can grow as fruitful, courageous members.

“Together, the church is a vibrant and purposeful community where all members feel valued. Intergenerational Ministry helps to build and nurture these relationships between the different generations.”

To get involved in this conversation, or for more information, contact Janine McDonald on 9260 9800 or email

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