Moderator’s Prayer

Compassionate God, we come overwhelmed by the tragic and senseless death of Cassius Turvey, finding comfort in the knowledge that you not only know our hurt but truly care.  Through Christ, you have walked amongst us in human flesh, experiencing the same injustice and pain; therefore, you know and care and understand. The Scriptures testify to this understanding, compassion and care as we witness you weeping with those hurting and crying out in your own hurt.  Thank you for reassuring us that amidst all the uncertainties we may come to face, your hold on our lives will always be stronger than any forces we may encounter, even death.

With this awareness, we dedicate Cassius Turvey’s family, friends and the community to you, praying for comfort, healing and peace that surpasses all understanding.  We pray that your justice and mercy will prevail in this challenging time.  Thank you also for the glimpse of hope we may witness at this time through the selfless love and care demonstrated by a supportive community.

Merciful God, please hear us as we cry out to you.


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