The Presbytery of WA and the Synod of WA share the same geographical boundaries. They cover most of the state of Western Australia up to Port Hedland in the north. The northern most areas of WA are part of the Northern Synod of the Uniting Church.

The name ‘synod’ can be used to refer to the geographical area, the administrative tasks and responsibilities of the body which oversees that area, or the name given to the annual meeting at which representatives of congregations, agencies and committees of the Church come together to make decisions. Fundamentally, the Synod of WA operates as the legal and administrative body of the Church.

The Presbytery of WA, on the other hand, is responsible for pastoral oversight. In order to have pastoral oversight, it is important that relationships between members are developed and nurtured. This is done in a number of practical ways, through meetings, regional gatherings and networks, and through the work of staff employed to work on behalf of the presbytery.


The Moderator is the leader of the Synod of WA and is elected by the gathered Synod Meeting for a three-year term. Our current moderator, Rev Steve Francis, was installed at a worship service on 11 September 2014.

In the WA Uniting Church, the moderator is also the chairperson of the presbytery.  Our general secretary, responsible for administration and management of the Synod and Presbytery of WA, is Rev David de Kock.

The governance of the whole WA Uniting Church happens through Presbytery & Synod committees and commissions, which report to the Presbytery and Synod meetings and to the General Council.

How Synod/Presbytery works: How the Synod Presbytery works 2015