Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Commitment to Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

The Uniting Church is committed to and recognises that:

  • all adults at some time in their lives may become vulnerable and require protection from harm and support due to ill health, mental stress, abuse, harassment and bullying, loss, grief, disability, cognitive impairment, age and/or frailty 
  • it can be difficult for adults and the elderly to disclose and deal with abuse by relatives and friends, because of the emotional and social ties that exist within these relationships, so they will need our sensitive response.

We believe that people over the age of 18 have the right to make choices, take risks, or refuse support and intervention, and/or are supported to make informed decisions and can understand the consequences of those decisions where required.

Supports and Services

Beyond Blue

Phone 1300 224 636, webchat or email (24 hours/7 days) for free, immediate, short-term counselling, advice and referral services.

Elder Abuse Support Services

Elder abuse affects many older Western Australians and may involve social, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial abuse.

The Department of Communities is working to reduce elder abuse in Western Australia through the development and implementation of an elder abuse strategy and the provision of resources designed to support individuals and service providers.

Department of Communities – Disability Services

Creating a truly welcoming and inclusive Western Australia requires a community-wide commitment that involves people with disability, their families and carers.

WA Office of the Public Advocate

The Public Advocate is the independent statutory officer promoting and protecting the rights of adult Western Australians with decision-making disabilities to reduce their risk of neglect, exploitation, and abuse.

Blue Knot Foundation

We are the National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma. That means that we advocate for and provide support to people who have experienced complex trauma, and those who support them, personally and professionally.

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