If you’re thinking about making changes to your property, be it selling, purchasing, extending, refurbishments or even adding a garden keep reading.

The content in these pages should answer your questions as well as giving access to the forms that you need to fill in to get everything started.

A common question when it comes to property is ‘Who ultimately owns the property?’

All property is a ‘common wealth’ of the whole church and is owned by the Property Trust of WA. However just as every trust has a beneficiary, in this case that beneficiary is the Church who gains the benefit of the property to use for God’s mission. This is called the “Beneficial User”.

It is necessary to note that the church is not a corporate entity; it is a voluntary association of individuals meeting together for worship and a variety of other related purposes. To facilitate its organisational and civic responsibilities a legal entity has been created, the Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (W.A.), this is itself established by an Act of the Western Australian Parliament, the Uniting Church in Australia Act No. 139 of 1976.

Provided the members and councils of the church conduct their business in accordance with the Regulations and By-laws of the Church and they act legally they have the protection of the Trust established by the Constitution of the Church and the Act.

The Regulations and By-laws describe the specific responsibilities of each of the inter-related councils of the church in so far as property matters are concerned. Here in WA the Presbytery responsibilities have been delegated to the Property Services Committee, although the Strategy and Mission Planning Commission has a significant role to play in ensuring that property decisions of church councils are within local and wider church strategic plans.

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