Property Projects

Project Checklist

  1. Identify your need. Why is this project needed? How does it fit within the mission of your church or ministry?
  2. Check that your project fits with your Congregational Strategic Plan. If you do not have a Strategic Plan, or it needs updating, Rev. Greg Ross will let you know what you need to do. Phone: (08) 9791 4157.
  3. Check with our Property Manager to see if the proposal is feasible.
  4. Obtain Church Council approval.
  5. Submit your application to the Presbytery Property Committee (PPC).
  6. Wait for the PPC to make a decision.

If your property project is approved, you can proceed with your application. Contact our Property Services team if you need assistance.
If the application is not approved, then consider the feedback, make changes, and resubmit your application.

Contact Us

For more information about property projects, please contact our team:

Administration Officer 
General property enquiries from internal and external stakeholders. 
Ph: (08) 9260 9867 

Facilities Supervisor 
Maintenance, refurbishments (embargoed funds) and general building enquiries 
Ph: (08) 9260 9827 

Jeremy Shellabear 
Sales, leasing, property ownership and development enquiries 
Ph: (08) 9260 9829

Tim Fallows
Projects, funding, strategy, and other enquiries 
Ph: (08) 9260 9836

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